Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rochester Animal Services

I finally started working on my Animal Services project. I'm going out with Animal Control officers on their duties in Rochester and documenting what they do using still photography and audio. One part of the job is vaccinating and impounding animals that come in.

An unnamed dog reacts to his unfamiliar surroundings after being brought in by Animal Control.

"Gucci," an abandoned puppy brought in by officer Denise Lybrand, about to receive an oral vaccine. Healthy incoming animals are held in case someone comes to claim them, but most go unclaimed. Identified animals are held for ten days; unidentified animals are held for five.

Space and financial constraints mean that most of the animals that aren't claimed are euthanized. The shelter has a policy against adopting out Pit Bulls, and these make up the vast majority of dogs that come in. These and any dogs that don't pass the test to be adoptable are euthanized, and even some that go up for adoption are ultimately euthanized because of a lack of interest.

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