Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rochester Animal Services

I finally started working on my Animal Services project. I'm going out with Animal Control officers on their duties in Rochester and documenting what they do using still photography and audio. One part of the job is vaccinating and impounding animals that come in.

An unnamed dog reacts to his unfamiliar surroundings after being brought in by Animal Control.

"Gucci," an abandoned puppy brought in by officer Denise Lybrand, about to receive an oral vaccine. Healthy incoming animals are held in case someone comes to claim them, but most go unclaimed. Identified animals are held for ten days; unidentified animals are held for five.

Space and financial constraints mean that most of the animals that aren't claimed are euthanized. The shelter has a policy against adopting out Pit Bulls, and these make up the vast majority of dogs that come in. These and any dogs that don't pass the test to be adoptable are euthanized, and even some that go up for adoption are ultimately euthanized because of a lack of interest.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Loose Bear on RIT Campus

Slideshow of full story

A loose bear runs across the Sol Heuman quad after getting hit by a tranquilizer dart by a Department of Environmental Conservation staff member (DEC).

A DEC official holds his tranquilizer gun at the ready just after the bear ran across the Sol Heuman quad.

Students hope for a glimpse of the bear in a residential stairwell. The sign in the window reads "ETA on Tranq[uilizer]? This is UN-BEAR-ABLE"

After two tranquilizer darts, and about five minutes after getting hit by the first, the bear succumbed. It was then put into a net and loaded into a trailer.

A DEC official closes the bear trap after showing it to the media.

Edit: Changed DEC officer to staff members/officials. I don't have information on whether or not they are officers or biologists.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Genesee Valley Hunt Races

The Genesee Valley Hunt Races are a series of family and sporting events that take place on the second Saturday of October each year. Centered around the Genesee Valley Hunt Cup, a serious horse race with a large cash prize, the festivities include less serious horse races, dog races, kids' races, and tailgating competitions.

Competitors in the three-year-old category head for the finish line, and their parents' outstretched arms, during the "Stick Horse" races.

One boy looks for dogs willing to be petted during the "Parade of the Hounds."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RIT Hockey: Exhibition Opener vs Wilfrid Laurier

A young fan sings along with the National Anthem before the game starts.

Jan Ropponen enters the arena amidst eager fans looking for a high five. Ropponen played half of the game and stopped 15 out of 16 shots.

RIT's Sean Murphy and Wilfrid Laurier's Kyle Van De Bospoort get into a scuffle in front of WLU's goal.

Cameron Burt and Jeff Smith celebrate after Smith gave RIT a 2-1 lead in the second period.

Chris Saracino, Daniel Spivak, and Adam Hartley celebrate Hartley's insurance goal in the final period that brought the score to 3-1, RIT.

WLU's Ryan Daniels and RIT's Taylor McReynolds shake hands after the game. RIT won 3-1.